I believe every individual is uniquely creative and resourceful. When given the tools, the space and a facilitator to guide you through a process, individuals and teams are able to harness their energy and realize their best work.

It’s not about simply generating the next best idea to build or define who you want to be. It’s about elevating and inspiring individuals and teams to build and ride the momentum that will take you from a vision to your reality.


Strategy Workshop Facilitation

Strategic workshop facilitation helps your team unlock its collective power, moving past obstacles, getting clear on what’s important, realizing your unique value, and leaving you more connected as a team and inspired by your work together.


Collaborative training helps unify teams around their customers, a common language and a deeper connection to their work. I teach a range of collaborative methodologies blending Design Thinking, Agile and Co-Active Coaching.

1:1 LEADERSHIP coaching

One-on-one sessions help you move from reacting to your life to an empowered leader of your life—actively designing and living the life you want, both personally and professionally. I help sharpen your way of thinking to create lasting change.