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Abby Sturges

What I Do

As a trained designer turned facilitator and coach, I help individuals and teams transform from people reacting to their lives and work to individuals and teams working at their highest potential—clear, inspired and focused in designing the lives and workplaces where they thrive.

In helping individuals and teams bring more heart to their work, they are able to uncover and see their value, feel ownership over their work and build more connection with each other and the world.

How I Do It

I design and lead collaborative working sessions that bring out the best in each individual; allowing us to have—and move through—those hard conversations and getting you and/or your team to define actionable next steps that you can begin implementing immediately.

Why I Do It

As a design leader, I spent over a decade applying collaborative methodologies to build human-centered design teams within engineering organizations. I learned that beyond the details of shipping products, I am most interested in helping individuals and cross-discipline teams collaborate and find more value and fulfillment in their work.

The goal isn’t to collaborate for collaboration’s sake, but to help individuals and teams get to a place where they couldn’t have gotten alone. I have dedicated myself to helping individuals radiate and teams collaborate because thriving people lead fulfilled lives—and our modern world could use more of that.

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I love what I do and it took me 15 years to get here

Having explored a range of roles and sectors throughout my career, learning from my successes and failures along the way, I am well poised to help you and your teams succeed

• Co-founded and ran a startup where we pioneered a new product offering

• Co-led a software development consulting firm office, tripling the team size and revenue

• Established, grew & led a design team, re-structuring the hiring process to quickly recruit and onboard the right talent

• Worked as a designer of physical products across sectors: consumer, medical, packing, & furniture